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NEVERLAND - a circumnavigation

My husband Alwin was for the last ten years captain of NEVERLAND, a 20m x 10m sailing catamaran.
He took it over in Samoa in 2005 and sailed it over New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Phuket, Srilanka, Oman, Red Sea and the Suez Canal to Turkey.
From there he sailed the Mediteranian to the Canarian and Cape Verde Islands.
After a single handed Atlantic crossing in 2012 to Martinique I became part of the crew some times.
We sailed the Caribbean Islands from Trinidad to the Bahamas, the east coast of the US up to Maine and back to the Bahamas.
His last job was to take the boat to the Azoren Islands in May this year.
Now NEVERLAND will cruising the Mediteranian for the next years or so.
This video is for the owner of NEVERLAND.

I've never been to New York

Ferdinand, Klaus, Hero Georg, Alwin and Christine with Sailing Catamaran "NEVERLAND" in New York.
Music: Udo Jürgens

Caribbean 2013 - Long version

The Caribbean 2013 - Short version

Celebrating Christmas and Pavlos 28th birthday 2013 with Alwin, Andonis and Pavlos sailing in the Caribbean.

Feel Grenada

Our friend Sabine came to us to Grenada at February and had a lot of fun.
She was overwhelmed from the beauty of the island and the friendly people.

"Spice Island Summer" by Shortpree and
"Caribbean Breeze" by Matthew Fisher

Feel the carneval

Enjoy some impressions of the Carneval in Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies, Caribbean.
You can help!

Our story

Music: Audiojungle
I Will Succeed by Melodality


Living on a sailing boat? This is how it is.
Music: Audiojungle, Caribbean Haha